Lingo Bean is a multilingual education program.

Children learn languages naturally and effortlessly, and so we should not let them lose this gift. Research shows that bilingual children are much more adaptive. They tend to do much better in their education experience, and they do better on tests that have nothing to do with language at all. Please visit our Posts to read more about the benefits of early language learning.

Currently Lingo Bean offers Mandarin Chinese program. As more and more high schools are creating Chinese program, and the number of students studying Chinese in colleges dramatically increased, Lingo Bean program aims to help children to learn the most difficult language in the world at an earlier age to prepare them for the global economy. We commit to meet students' various learning needs. Our programs include Parents and Me Class, Preschool Class, Afterschool Class, Private Lessons and Online Lessons.


Lingo Bean promotes cultural diversity and understanding, enriches children's brain and opens their minds for global awareness. As Global Education is a must for the 21st century, our goal is to foster children's curiosity to foreign languages and cultures.

President Obama announced 1 million strong: Goal to increase k-12 American students to learn Chinese in the next five years, by 2020. As indicated in the analytic report of the 100k Strong Foundation, that the One Million Strong Initiative “is aimed at exposing a generation of Americans to their Chinese counterparts. It is about breeding knowledge and understanding of China, its policies and its people. And it is about creating opportunities for American youth—regardless of background or circumstances—for careers both at home and abroad.”(Carola McGiffert, 2015) Visit the website to find out more: http://100kstrong.org/ In the past twenty years, lots of American young people with good Chinese language skills have found excellent opportunities for themselves, and this is just the beginning. Our children are growing fast. We should not let them miss this learning opportunity. Let us make some effort together to help them learn this very important language in the 21 century.
Did you know?
American government sponsored the 10 Thousand Strong Foundation to invest in US-China relations, one student at a time.
Increase in Chinese study in US last year is 23%.
Increase in American studying in China last year is 5%.
Chinese population study English is 1/3 of its population.
Only 6ooo k-12 students in US study Chinese.

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  • Lingo Bean is determined to do the best and the most efficient thing for our children by advocating early foreign language learning.
  • Although we are not "non-profit", our primary goal is not for profit. We invested a lot in our teaching resources and teacher training. All our teachers have master degrees, and have passion in teaching. They are respected with generous compensation.
  • Our curriculum is designed by dedicated professional language teachers.
  • There is detailed lesson plan for each topic, and all teachers have to go through a comprehensive training program to ensure they understand the theories and research behind the planned activities.
  • We use hand-made, Montessori style teaching materials. Our students truly appreciate our beautifully laminated pictures.
  • We are committed to offer high quality programs. Our instruction is student-centered and research-based.

Ms. Lin
Founder & Director

Inspired by the successes and challenges teaching her children Chinese at home, Ms.Lin received Master of Art in Teaching from the reputable Education Department of Union Graduate College,and obtained a NY State Teacher Certificate in Chinese. But she is still not satisfied. Seeing the bilingual benefits of her own children, she would like to create this learning opportunity for more young children, so they could reach a much higher proficiency level when they are older. Prior to this, Ms. Lin also has a BA in German in China and a MS in IT from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Ms. Lin
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Lin has a Master Degree in Teaching from Union Graduate College and has a New York State Teacher's Certificate. Ms. Lin's teaching experience dated back to 2006.Since then she has taught Chinese in Emma Willard high school, TechValley high school, Sunday Chinese schools, and other private schools. She has taught Chinese as heritage speakers, Chinese as Second Language speakers, and tutored students from young children to seniors. In addition, she has been teaching her three children Chinese at home. Ms. Lin loves to do the best thing for our children.

Ms. Yang
Chinese Teacher

Ms.Yang has lived with her family in the Capital Region for 15 years. She has a Master Degree in Statistics from RPI and has been working at RPI as Research Analyst for Higher Education for more than ten years. In her free time, Ms. Yang discovered her passion in teaching while she taught Chinese class in Sunday Chinese school, and she became a sought-after teacher there. Teaching has become Ms.Yang's precious moment for personal growth and satisfaction. She also likes Chinese dancing, running and hiking with her two children.

Ms. Xie
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Fei Xie graduated with a B.A. from GuangZhou Academy of Fine Arts in China in 2001. She also obtained a B.A. plus graduate program at the Visual and Communication College in 2003 and later on in 2005 a M.A. at the Institute of Higher Research on Economy and Commerce, both of which institutes are located in Paris, France. Her major is on Graphic Design and Art. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and French. She has taught Chinese at Shenendehowa Adult Community Center and Chinese School. Ms. Xie love teaching and enjoy communicating with children.

Ms. Wu
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Wu is a native Mandarin speaker. She is passionate in sharing Chinese culture and history, and eager to nurture children’s learning and growth. Ms. Wu was a private Chinese teacher of American students and also taught Chinese in a church school. Ms. Wu graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with B. A. of Study in Law. Later she got her Master degree of Accountancy from Texas State University at San Marcos.

Ms. Huo
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Huo graduated with a B.S from Shanghai Normal University in China and was a teacher teaching Physics and English in middle school. She received M.S in IT from Carnegie Mellon University after her family moved to U.S.A. She has been working as a software developer for 10 years for Infinite Campus, the largest American-owned student information system for k12 education. Ms. Huo has been teaching her two children Chinese at home and is eager to help more children learn Chinese language and culture with her teaching experience and passion for working with children

Ms. Lin
Web Developer

The Lingobean website was created by Ms. Lin. She used to work for Xerox as a software engineer. Ms. Lin enjoys keeping up with technology and using it to engage her students. Not only will her students learn Chinese from her, but they will also be able to create their own website to showcase their language learning.

Over a year ago, at the end of 6th grade, our daughter started studying Mandarin with Hua Lin. Ms. Lin’s curriculum uniquely combines one-on-one tutorials, online learning, hard copy textbook exercises and experiential adventures in Chinese language and culture. Though our schedule only allows for one lesson each week, our daughter has made great progress because of Ms. Lin’s engaging, interactive and entertaining teaching strategies and skills, as well as her warm and supportive personality. Well into her second year of her Mandarin studies, our daughter continues to enjoy the challenges Ms. Lin presents to her. We highly recommend Ms. Lin to any parent considering having their child study Mandarin. In short, we think Ms. Lin is Hua-nderful!
Ella's Parents
My wife, Wendy, and I are very pleased that Ella is studying Mandarin with you. Ella enjoys learning with you. You are a caring, passionate, effective teacher-- thank you for providing Ella with the opportunity to learn Mandarin.
  • It is the most engaging Chinese program!

  • We love this class.

  • Our class is fun.

  • I love our teachers!

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